Ergonomic Kneeling PostureChair

$149.99 $239.99
Are you Suffering from Back Pain, Neck Strain, Bad Posture, Hunching, and you are so ready to improve your posture? 
Our PostureChair™ is a preventive or painless seat solution for fixing lower back pain, knee pain, neck strain, shoulder pain, and spinal issues.

Save Your Spine
Many spend a lot of time working at a desk or in front of the computer. Such constant sitting puts a lot of stress on the spine, muscles, and joints, causing injuries when there is no support.
Save your back and spine from these issues by ditching your regular chair for our ergonomic kneeling PostureChair™
Safe for Everyone
Sitting in an open hip angle will encourage a more supportive upright position that aligns your back, shoulders and neck, reducing the pain from prolonged sitting hours.
A regular squatting use of our PostureChair™ will strengthen your abdomen and back muscles.
It is so safe that even kids can sit to prevent bad posture too.
Comfy & Focused
Our durable or high-quality PostureChair™ will give you an enjoyable comfy rocking experience as you go back and forth while sitting at your desk.
Feel the instant improvement in your breathing as more blood and energy flow in your system making you entirely focused on getting your work done more faster